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Through the ups and downs of our marriage, we have learned that God always opens and closes doors as needed. He has a way of making a path where there seems to be none, and when others say no, He always says yes. We've learned that God has the final say in our lives regardless of what anyone else may say, as He has ALL POWER. One scripture that has been especially meaningful to us is Matthew 28:18, where Jesus says that ALL POWER has been given to Him both in heaven and on earth.

It was after the passing of my mother, Edna M. Edler, that the Lord placed a desire in me to start ALLPWR Ministries. We began with a small recorder to tape our Sunday services, which we then shared with members who could not attend in person. I eventually joined our church's audio/visual ministry, where I could use my skills to record and share our services with even more people. From weddings to birthday celebrations and even sending taped sermons to soldiers fighting the Desert Storm war, we've been honored to capture many memorable moments on video.

We hope that through ALLPWR Ministries, we can continue to spread God's message of love and wish to people across the country. We're so grateful for the opportunities He has given us over the years, and we look forward to what lies ahead for our ministry.

In July 1994, during a community revival at Zion Light Church, Pastor Dr. Raymond Dean called for an altar call. God had revealed to him that the first person from the church who responded would lead a new ministry called the LOVE CLUB. Gregory B. Reese, a young minister from Mt. Gilead Missionary Baptist Church, became the president of the Love Club. Their mission was to show love to members, support new joiners, and visit the sick and shut-ins.

Over the years, the Love Club evolved into the Love Outreach Ministry, serving three nursing homes monthly. In November 2000, they left their church and continued their ministry as ALLPWR Ministries. Their passion for the elderly and the hurting led them to expand their visits to Harbour Pointe Rehabilitation, Thornton Hall, and Autumn Care Nursing Home.

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, ALLPWR Ministries was incorporated in May 2001. They have touched lives by sharing the Word of God, donating school supplies, providing Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to families in need, and supporting various ministries. Apostle Reese, the founder, attended Tidewater and Antioch Bible College, graduated from Norfolk State University, and was ordained as an Apostle in 2004.

ALLPWR Ministries, alongside their dedicated team and partners, continues to be a blessing to the elderly, spreading love, and fulfilling God's vision. Their story is one of faith, service, and God's glory


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