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During the course of our marriage, and over the years, God has continuously opened and close doors whenever necessary. He has made a way out of no way, and when others told us no, he told us yes. It was having this type of relationship with him that he kept showing us time and time again that regardless of what situation we were in, no matter what others may say; he had the last say so concerning our situation. He has ALL POWER. It was during these times of going through, that God gave me this scripture, MATTHEW 28:18; And Jesus came and spake unto them saying, ALL POWER is given unto me in heaven and in earth. That scripture stirred up something within my being, and I knew this would be the scripture that I would use to not only stand on in every situation, but it is the foundation scripture for our ministry.

It wasn’t until the death of my mother, Edna M. Edler on September 14, 1989, that the Lord put a desire and a willingness to start ALLPWR Ministries. We started out with our tape and video ministries. During that time we purchased a small cassette recorder that could be used to tape our Sunday church services. Later, we would take them to our sick and shut-in members in our church who were not able to come to church, but they could still feel apart of the church by being able to hear and see the Word of God going forth during a service. After about 2 or 3 months of using our recorder we purchased for the ministry, in January 1990, I then joined the audio/visual ministry at our church. I was then able to not only work the ministry during church services, weddings, funerals, workshops or whenever they needed someone to work the sound system or video services; but I also had access to all the tapes. They would be copied and then taken to the members on a weekly basis. Over the years, so many people had been blessed by being able to hear and see the church services. I would sometimes have helped taking the tapes to the shut-ins by three missionaries from the church; Phyllis Gray, Annette Jones, and Brenda Hogan (now deceased). Taped audio sermons have been mailed all over the country, even to soldiers while fighting Desert Storm. ALLPWR Ministries has also videoed weddings, fashion shows, birthday celebrations, prayer breakfasts, work shops, family reunions, church services, and tent revivals.

Some years passed and it was not until July 1994 during a community revival at Zion Light Church, that our pastor, Dr. Raymond Dean asked the congregation to come up for an altar call. He later stated that God had told him that the first person from his church who came to the altar that would be the person God told him to appoint over a new ministry at his church called the LOVE CLUB. The first person from Mt. Gilead Missionary Baptist Church was a young minister named Gregory B. Reese. Reverend Reese was appointed president of the Love Club, and we were responsible for showing love to our members, especially our new members when they joined. We would also do follow ups with them, and check on them to see if there was anything that they needed. Not only did the Love Club members show love in the church, but we also showed love and would go out on a weekly/monthly basis and visit the sick and shut-ins from the church and also those who were in nursing homes, and the hospitals. We would share the Word of God, pray, sing hymns, and take some time just to sit and visit with them. It was during these years and before that God was really building a strong foundation for us in service, that we eventually were conducting services at three different nursing homes each month. They were Harbour Pt. (formerly called Hillhaven Convalescent Home), Tandem Healthcare, and Autumn Care Nursing Home. Later, the name changed from the Love Club to the Love Outreach Ministry. We continued serving in this ministry until November 2000.

God lead us to leave our church and we continued to go to the nursing homes, but not under the Love Outreach Ministry, but under ALLPWR Ministries. God has given us a love for the elderly and those who are lost because so many people are hurting. Since that time, we have continued to be faithful in ministering to three different nursing homes each month. They are Harbour Pointe Rehabilitation, Thornton Hall, and Autumn Care Nursing Home. Under the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit, God has blessed ALLPWR Ministries to become incorporated in May 2001, and continues to bless this ministry, his man servant, and all that are involved with this ministry. 

We thank God for the souls that have committed, or rededicated their lives to him through the hearing of his Word. We are also thankful for the dedicated people he has blessed us with to carry out his vision. They are ; Kevin Reese, Sr., April Reese, Prophet B. L. Sherman, Jeffery Edler Sr., Pamela Jones, Kevin Reese, Jr., and Destinee Reese, our Board of Directors, and our financial partners and friends. God has blessed us to purchase our own equipment; such as a sound system, digital cameras, videos, microphones, mixers, compact disc players, speakers, and various types of music. 

We have donated school supplies to Larrymore Elementary and Greenhill Farms Academy. We also have given out Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to needy families, helped pay portion of delinquent light bills for those whose service would have been disconnected, and sent bereavement offerings (as the spirit leads), to families. We also have supported other ministries such as The Jewish Voice; Feed the Children, Morris Cerrullo World Evangelism, INSP, and TBN. 

God brought his man servant up through the ranks of the church to prepare him for his ministry. First as an Usher, then member of the Male Chorus, and then licensed to the Board of Deacons (Sept. 29, 1991) by Dr. Raymond Dean. He was called to the ministry and later licensed on Sept. 15, 1993, and was appointed president of the Love Club July 1994. He is the Founder of ALLPWR Ministries, along with his wife Yvette E. Reese, (Inc. May 2001). Minister Reese attended Tidewater and Antioch Bible College, and he is a 1981 graduate of Norfolk Sate University with a degree in Electrical Technology. He was ordained as an Apostle on July 10, 2004 by Bishop Vincent Wyche of the Temple of Deliverance Church of Hopewell, VA. Since being ordained, he has performed marriages, baptism (August 27, 2006), and serves Communion on a regular basis. 

The woman of God also came up through the ranks of Mt. Gilead first as a Sunday school teacher, Youth Usher, Young Voices Choir, Deaconess Board, Girl Scout Organizer, Love Outreach Ministry, Audio/Visual Ministry, and Co-Founder of ALLPWR Ministries. God gave us two new nursing homes to minister the Word of God in January 2007; they are Heritage Hall and Ballentine Manor. Some of the things ALLPWR Ministries has done is purchased a television for one of our nursing homes, donated a podium to another, clothes to yet another nursing home, and have purchased bibles and given them to the residents. 

Apostle Reese licensed his first student; Evangelist Pamela Jones, June 17, 2007. God has also added two new volunteers to our ministry at Thornton Hall, they are Janyce and Molly McLin, he has also added Elder Delores Chavis to our ministerial team, who is the founder of S.E.E. Ministries. Cassette tapes are available to anyone who may request them by visiting our website @ Prayerfully in the near future we will be purchasing a compact disc duplicator to record our services on compact discs as well.

We thank God for his parents, Edgar L. Reese, Sr. (deceased December 2005) and Gloria D. Reese; his mentor, Deacon Joseph Price (deceased March 2006) and his pastor, Dr. Raymond Dean (deceased December 2006). I also thank God for my parents Edna Edler and Israel Whitney (deceased); along with my grandparents, Deacon & Deaconess Ernest and Ella Edler, (deceased) who had such a profound influence on my life.

Most importantly, we are thankful to be used by God to be a blessing to the elderly with our visits, donations, phone calls, our prayers, and showing them love by giving them the Bread of Life. We have also donated food, and money to other senior citizens groups outside of this area.

Will you please help us take the gospel to our communities and around the world? WE ARE A HAND-UP NOT A HAND-OUT!!

God has established us to be a Public Charity a Non- Profit Organization 501(C) (3), Patent and Trademark Commission and International Class: 043- to feed the hungry. We presently have 2 vacancies for our Board of Directors; the Apostle waits patiently for the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit for direction and future promises concerning ALLPWR Ministries.



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